Pick your relief!

There are two basic massage types with specific modalities to The Rehab that are not in the Tune Up, but both types use the same basic Neuromuscular Techniques to loosen up muscles more quickly than traditional massage. Review each and select the type that works for you.

Massage Types

The Rehab

Geared for those dealing with an injury or acute/chornic pain. With the right tools and if you get in early and the right technique you can expect positive results.

  • Everything in Relax PLUS
  • Modalities Tune Up + Deep Tissue
  • IASTM Gua Sha
  • Sports Cupping
Tune Up

Geared for those that get regular massage and just need a tune up. Includes heated oil, shoulder and low back heated pads, and my rehab active release techniques.

  • Modalities trigger point, active release, swedish
  • Peppermint Lotion foot lotion
  • Scalp Massage If requested
  • RockSauce Pain Reliever