Active Rehab Release

Parasympathetic Space
In massage school one of the first things that stuck was the parasympathetic space. What does this word mean?The short of it is that you are relaxed. That is when your body is able to heal when you are relaxed.. As your day progresses, especially with the pandemic your body loses some of its juice since a lot of it is fighting stress.
Stacked Joints
ARR gets you to slow down as I put you through a series of stacked joint movements to isolate and fix problem areas. On my side it is a lot of work as you are hiring me for my expertise to assess, reassess, so you can expect improvement throughout the session. Clients report feeling grounded and more relaxed after the sessions. 
What To Expect
For now this is done in the comfort of your own home in about 40 minutes. You will need a computer or table with Zoom installed. Eventually I hope to roll this out in my studio as well. This can either be an intense workout release, for those who crave deep tissue, or a mellow relaxing time as with a tune up massage.

Active Rehab Release (ARR)