Muscles and Protein

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Obviously massage benefits muscle. But what other things can you do to keep your muscles healthy as you age? In the Journal of Nutrients 2016 a study compared older populations in Taiwan, not your bodybuilders, and to see what effect protein intake had on muscle mass. Interestingly enough it was found that lower intakes of protein led to loss of muscles mas while increased intakes of protein led to an… Read More »Muscles and Protein

IT Band

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What is it? Why should I care? The Iliotibial Band or IT band is very tendinous tisssue, stronger and tougher than muscle tissue and is found below the side of the hip (below the TFL muscle) and travels down the outside of the leg eventually blending with the structures above the knee. What does it do? The fibrous band straightens the knee, pulls the leg away from midline, rotates the… Read More »IT Band

Migraines and Massage

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I had a client come in today thankfully not in pain but does suffer from migraines. I thought to myself that is one area I have not written about so what a great opportunity. So here it goes. This information comes from the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) from Peter Goadsby, M.D., who is a neurologist and headache specialist at the University of California San Francisco,

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Spring Body Sense

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It looks like the sun has arrived and stayed for a bit. The new BodySense is out and there are short informative articles about massage for back pain before pills, how to correctly stretch, dynamic vs static stretching, and when to integrate massage into your sumy activity routine. This read is an effective way to help you get through the late Spring and Summer injury free. Please follow and like… Read More »Spring Body Sense

Sciatica Prevention

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Many clients have been dealing with low back and glute pain. I’ve noticed on almost all that there is knotted tissue from the SI joint down each side of the gluteal cleft. Usually accompanied by sensitivity. With massage and trigger point work the sensitivity abates and so does the pain. The work can take a couple of sessions to a bit more depending on how long the client has been… Read More »Sciatica Prevention


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RockTape, the kinesio tape I use, along with Gua Sha, has delivered needed relief to many shoulder injuries I have dealt with over the past couple of months. I am expanding the program by offering a roll for $15.00 and free taping as long as the tape lasts. The tape decompressed the soft tissue providing pain relief and allowing more blood flow which speeds up recovery. I am also offering… Read More »ROCKTAPE Report Out


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So I’ve been using RockTape and Gua Sha to assist with pain management. They are actually a great combo too. You can look at the slideshow above to see what RockTape and GuaSha look like. GuaSha as explained in an earlier blog removes scar and fibrotic tissue so healthier tissue can form. It’s the one of the first go to modalities when a client is in pain or has not… Read More »ROCKTAPE and GuaSha

Kinesiology Taping

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I attended a kinesio tape class put on by RockTape a special cotton and nylon athletic tape that provides support while allowing full range of motion. Kinesio tape was invented in the mid 1970s by Dr. Kenzo Kase, in Japan, with texture and elasticity that resembles human skin. You may have seen it on athletes during competitive event live or on TV. Now all populations are receiving the benefits of… Read More »Kinesiology Taping